Elaboration of an approach where thought matures 
and reveals itself during the progress

I was born on the banks of the Loire estuary, this « vast expanse where vacuum lies », as it is described in the East, a place where the straight lines of standard perspective deviate, a  place open to the high sea, to adventure. This territory could well be the place for plasticity, as it is deeply marked by the tidal cycle, an aesthetic climate where mists, rain, flows and sand, the clouds and their reflections create this undifferenciated place, this « floating world », so Chinese in its essence.

We often see man in his works; but if you want to go deeper into his subject,
you have the book on his journey for free reading on the net.
In english and french

Direct visual contact with the paintings is essential

"Impossible de vous dire mon âge : il change tout le temps."
Alphonse Allais
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